More About Me

Sales Associate

Melissa is a Realtor® and loves helping people find a place to call home. She has spent the majority of her career in the Digital Marketing industry, gaining experiences in Digital & Social Media Marketing.

The fast-paced and ever-changing digital environment has allowed Melissa to embrace change and provide a digital first attitude towards Real Estate. Combing her love of all things digital and real estate make her a perfect fit to be your Realtor.

Melissa is a Mom, Realtor, and Artist. She loves to laugh and her favorite day is Sunday.

She is passionate about promoting Rhode Island’s small business and artist whenever and wherever she can. Some of her favorites are her love of the beach, a sketchbook, sharpies, galleries, coffeehouses, live music and an occasional baseball game (Red Soxs of course). Melissa is addicted to gardening, coffee and apple computers. She loves her pug Hugo & cat Petunia, road trips, and Maine!

Melissa currently lives in Gaspee, Warwick with her family and truly loves her home, neighborhood, and neighbors! #lovewhereyoulive